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As its name suggests, this activity takes you to explore impressive canyons and flowing rivers hidden deep in the mountains, where you will be able to do both rappelling and climbing. Apart from having the appropriate equipment, it is very important to have already had some experience and to be in very good physical condition in general.

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> Canyon of Pinihuan (in Lagunillas): in this piece of heaven on earth, you can do several different adventure activities, such as caving, waterfall jumping, rappelling, climbing, hiking and camping. In Rioverde, there are a number of certified tour operators that can organize a complete trip for you and even go with you as guides, while in the small community of Pinihuan you can find some local guides, who know the area like the back of their hands.

Throw yourself into new kind of adventure at “Las Lagunitas”, a triple waterfall that does not imply any major risks. Go all the way down river and follow your adventure as far as the impressive waterfall known as “La Lloviznosa”, where only the most fearless and expert sportsmen and women dare to rappel all the way down to the bottom.
Enjoy the beauty of its waterfalls and turquoise water.
The most beautiful waterfall of San Luis Potosi, all your senses will be full
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