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Now, if you prefer mountain biking, you can get there by bike, too. Don’t forget to take enough supplies and water because in that area you will only find visual delights and a lot of things to click your camera at. But nothing at all to eat or drink!

If you would like to combine some hiking with some horseback riding, there is nothing better than the old road to La Galana. This is really a very scenic route, flanked by ruins of former haciendas and mines. And if you’re fit enough to do some even more strenuous hiking and maybe get some experience in full-scale climbing, you may like to climb up to the top of San Cristobal Hill, over 2 000 meters above sea level.

If you like rappelling, the Joya del Salitre is the perfect place for this and there it is a low-risk site, because its shaft is only about 30 meters in height. Also, in the vicinity of El Realejo, there are several caves that offer a wealth of underground wonders. Las Candelas is very accessible and you don’t even need special equipment; but for some more serious exploring, get a local guide to take you to Los Muertos.

When night falls, you can find a place to camp in the community of El Realejo, or else stay in one of the small huts at the Monternach Camp – both are very safe options. It will surely be a cold night under an unforgettably star-studded sky.

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