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These are the days dedicated to Xantolo, the Feast of All Saints, one the most important traditions among the Teenek (Huastecan peoples), and the feast is quite lively and fun with the famous groups of “comparsas” or “huehuadas” who perform traditional and often comic dances.

Herbal medicine and traditional healing are something interesting to find out more about. In the Huasteca area, there are many who have inherited the secrets of this ancient science. Ahuacatitla, in the municipality of Axtla, is a good example of this. In the Sierra of Catorce, there are five routes called “Traditional Knowledge of Health” where you can share an intercultural experience with the local healers, who not only understand the special curative powers of plants but can also explain their individual properties to you.

Folk festivals are an excellent venue for the promotion and diffusion of the cultural treasures of different peoples. Some of these festivals are organized regularly by civil associations or local governments, while others by the people themselves. Some of the most representative festivals in the State of San Luis Potosi are perhaps the Fiesta Traditional Pame, held in Santa Maria Acapulco in Holy Week; the Festival of Ethnic Dance in Aquismon, which takes place on two separate dates: 25th and 26th of July and from 9 to 11 of December, and the International Folklore and Traditional Arts Show, which takes place in the state capital in October.

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