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Folklore includes tales, legends, beliefs, magic, herbal medicine and handicrafts, as well as the typical food, clothing, music, dances and songs of any given culture. When you travel, you surely buy some local arts and crafts and want to try the local food. By doing that, you notice that enchiladas and tamales, for example, are cooked differently from one region to another. Yet again, you may find strange and wonderful dishes such as exotic stews made with cabuches or palm tree blossoms. And what about local alcoholic beverages? You just have to try the traditional capulin, plum or jobito liqueurs!

During Holy Week, there are always countless special events, some of which go far beyond the usual religious rites of Easter. The altars of Dolores on Altamirano Street, in the state capital, are a true sample of local religious tradition, while the very solemn San Luis Potosi “Procession of Silence” is famous all over Mexico. At Easter time and on other nights of the year you must not miss the tours to El Saucito Cemetery after dark, where favorite local stories and legends are performed as plays with the dramatic backdrop of the silent tombs.

The celebration of the Day of the Dead is quite amazing, especially in the Huasteca region, because of the unique way in which they decorate the tombs at the cemeteries and because of the beautiful altars that people set up in their homes.

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