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In other parts of the State, there is an attractive Arts Center in Salinas. Rioverde has the Colibri Museum. In Venado there is also a cultural center known as, “Roberto Donis”, and in Real de Catorce you should not miss a visit to the “Casa de Moneda” Community Center.

As we all know, arts festivals can serve as an ideal platform to promote the various disciplines of the arts among the general public, closing the circle of creation-appreciation between creators and the public. These events create a space for dialogue between artists of different civilizations, across cultures or among the creators of a single cultural group, extending understanding of new trends that are emerging at local, regional, national or global levels. The State of San Luis Potosi organizes an extensive calendar of cultural and artistic events throughout the year, such as the Festival of San Luis, in April, which includes activities in different towns in the State; the “Lila Lopez” Festival of Contemporary Dance at the end of October, the Early and Baroque Music Festival, in November. The Festival of the Desert, in Matehuala, takes place at the end of May and involves several municipalities of the Altiplano; in Ciudad Valles and other towns of the Huasteca, between October and November the Festival Decimistas and Versadores of Latin America and the Caribbean is held. The Festival of Light, an incomparable show that you should not miss deserves special mention. This is organized at Easter, in summer and in December in Plaza de Armas and Plaza Fundadores, in the state capital.

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