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Culture is not only about works of art which are exhibited in museums; it is also manifested in all kinds of other types of artistic expression. San Luis Potosi has recently grown considerably in terms of its infrastructure for cultural pursuits and now engages in a range of creative activities which transcend our state and national borders.

Almost every municipality has a museum or arts center, where, apart from regular exhibitions, different types of workshops, concerts, readings, presentations and performances are held. One way to find out what is going on is to have a look at the monthly calendars of cultural events which can be seen on the Internet, or at “Guiarte”, the monthly guide to all cultural activities in the State, which you can find at the Tourist Information Center.

Some of the museums and arts centers in the state capital are the: Potosino Regional Museum, Casa de Cultura “Francisco Cossio”, the Labyrinth of Arts and Sciences, and the National Railway Museum. As for the San Luis Potosi Arts Center, this is a school of education in the arts, and, throughout the year, it offers an extensive range of cultural events for the general public, for example, exhibitions of plastic arts, concerts, plays and literary activities.

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