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If you like exploring markets and observing the hustle and bustle of local trading, the center of Ciudad Valles is a hive of activity all day long. You can find all kinds of products here, such as arts and crafts, forged by the gifted hands of the native Teenek and the Nahua peoples. In season you can find a wide range of exotic fruits, like litchees or lychees that you really have to try, to believe how delicious they are. Here you can also find examples of much of the most typical Huastecan cuisine, and, of course, at most restaurants you can try the famous zacahuil tamale or a similar dish known as bolim, which is a smaller type of tamale. The enchiladas Huastecas (corn tortillas stuffed with cheese) with cecina (thinly sliced salt beef) are delicious, and so are the bocoles (thick stuffed corn tortillas). But if you are looking for something more popular, the Tacos El Vaquero are exceptionally tasty. And you can’t beat the traditional 7 Seas seafood restaurant, where you can try dishes like acamayas (freshwater langoustines) or catan. Not to mention the favorite local drinks such as rum, jobito or passion fruit liqueurs.

If you happen to hear some music in the street, for example in the main square, don’t hesitate to go and enjoy the unique rhythms of the local huapango genre, which is not only entertaining to listen to, but always creates the kind of atmosphere that makes people feel like dancing in the street. And they do! On the other hand, when darkness falls, and the evening air gets cooler, people like to go out for a walk or sit and chat on the picturesque benches around the same square. There are two museums in Ciudad Valles: the “Joaquín Meade” Huastecan Regional Museum, which houses nearly eight thousand archaeological items, and the Tamuantzan Cultural Center, a good starting point to find out more about the Huasteca region from a historical and more traditional perspective.                      < Previous
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