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Ciudad Valles is the second largest city in the State. This is common knowledge, as well-known as the fact that it is also famous for its status as the “Capital City of the Huasteca” or the “Gateway to the Huasteca”. It is no secret that the average temperature throughout the year is pretty hot, and much more so at the time when they burn the sugar cane on the factories near the plantations. Because it is also known as the “Gateway to Adventure” in the region, many travelers pass through Ciudad Valles, or just stay overnight on their way to more exciting destinations. Yes, it is true to say that Ciudad Valles is one of the most common points of departure for tours to waterfalls, archeological sites, awesome caves and biosphere reserves, or to take part in cultural events or taste the exquisite products of the culinary arts of the most remote regions of the Huasteca. All of this sounds good, despite the hot weather. But what can you do in the city itself, if you need to stay for a day or so? To tell you the truth... there are lot more things to do than you would ever imagine.

Let’s start with the hotels. There are accommodations for all kinds of different tastes and budgets. One of these, Hotel Valles, has an olde-worlde type atmosphere, with very spacious rooms, two excellent restaurants and a bar, which, with its beautiful stone walls, makes you feel as if you were sitting inside a natural grotto. The swimming pool, ideal for swim or for sitting beside to get a tan, certainly has a tropical feel about it.

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