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> Dam La Muñeca (in Tierra Nueva): although the infrastructure available for tourism is still quite limited here, it is a safe place for camping close to the calm waters of the dam. This is a quiet area, with many places where you can also go hiking, or do water sports, such as water-skiing or fishing.

> Puente de Dios (in Tamasopo): this beautiful place, surrounded by dense tropical vegetation, is ideal for camping, spending memorable nights lulled to sleep by the sound of the waterfalls.

> Valle de los Fantasmas (in Zaragoza): This area is called “Ghost Valley”, due to the numerous basaltic rock formations, grayish and whitish in color, which at twilight and on moonlit nights, look like a crowd of ghostly figures. It is a natural area where you can pitch camp and enjoy cool nights, under the starry sky. This is the perfect place for staying up late and telling ghost stories around a blazing campfire.

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