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Why choose San Luis Potosi as the ideal place to organize congresses and conventions, special events or incentive trips? There are so many reasons! Its enviable location in North Central or “Heart” of Mexico, its accessibility by road or air via numerous domestic routes and flights as well as from key cities in the United States, its excellent services and hotel infrastructure, its convention centers with the capacity you need, whatever the size of your group, the clement weather, the good roads and short distances for travel from one place to another and the friendliness of its people, to name but a few. And not least because, to give you a break during the busy schedule of your event, the city offers an additional charm: it cleverly combines history with modernity.

Just imagine that from the airport to the hotel is just a 20-minute drive; that a taxi can get you from your hotel to the convention center in ten minutes; that a welcome cocktail and a tour have already been organized in one of the attractive museums. And that while you’re at the event, if your partner or your whole family came along with you, you can feel quite at ease, because they will be enjoying the beauties of our city. The organizers usually create a special program for spouses and families to ensure that they too have an entirely pleasant stay. Also, imagine that in your spare time you can join them and explore together or, perhaps in the evening, go to the theater or to a concert.

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Manuel José Othón No.130 San Luis Potosí, S.L.P. C.P. 78000 Centro Histórico
Tels. (444) 8129939 - 814 23 11