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It is precisely in the municipality of Tamuin, where two of the most important archaeological sites in the State are located, namely, Tamohi (El Consuelo) and Tamtoc. Since 1919, when Tamohi was discovered, it has been considered the “capital of the ancient Huastecan Empire”. This is where the priceless figure of the “Adolescente Huasteco” was discovered; this is a famous sculpture of a young man which you can view at the Museo Regional Potosino. More recent research suggests that there was also an ancient observatory, where the agricultural cycles of the year were calculated. A tour of the site gives you the opportunity to see some ancient structures and some partially preserved wall paintings.

Tamtoc was discovered in the 1960s, but it was not opened to the public until 2005. It is a well-known fact that there is still a lot of history to be discovered and deciphered here. It has even been said that the findings will change the documented history of ancient Mexico. The tour of the site takes you through the structures of groups “A” and “B”, the Cemetery, the Well and Monument 32. There are some artificial hills that look like pyramids covered with earth, and these stimulate your imagination with images of how they may have looked in the distant past. The most spectacular items, however, are two gigantic sculptures, one known as “Thomas”, and the aforementioned Monument 32, a monolith including three female figures, interpreted as water goddesses deities, worshipped in an agricultural community once organized as a matriarchal society.
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