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Archaeological sites do not only safeguard our discovered – or yet to be discovered – history; they are also wrapped in a veil of mystery, inviting a plethora of theories and interpretations, which may or may not bear any relation to actual historical fact. When you first visit an archaeological site, you may not know much about the findings that have been made there, but you will no doubt be keen to learn and, above all, to let yourself be dazzled by the pyramids, ancient structures, steles and wall paintings. Why not let your imagination fly when you come across vestiges still covered with weeds or when you go to these mysterious places on special dates, such as equinoxes and solstices...

Many archaeological sites have been discovered, yet little studied in San Luis Potosi. There are also others where the infrastructure necessary to allow the visitors explore the ruins safely and learn something of the cultures of the past has been installed. The former are found mainly in the Region Media and the Region Huasteca and are largely inaccessible to the public, because they are located on private property. Some artifacts from these sites are on exhibition in museums, such as the Museo Regional Potosino, in the state capital; the Regional Huasteco Museum, in Ciudad Valles, and the Lariab of Ancient Huastecan History, at Hotel Taninul, in the municipality of Tamuin.

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